Bespoke Roman Blinds

Our Made to Measure Roman Blinds are beautifully handmade in our workshop in Kent, UK, and typically delivered to you within few weeks of your order. Choose your fabric, lining and provide the measurements to receive a bespoke price quote and let us work our magic. We know that choosing the correct window dressing for your home can be a daunting decision so feel free to let us help and guide you in every step of the way. 


Frame Those Views


Window dressing is one of the most important and exciting aspects of your home when it comes to soft furnishings. It will add a finishing touch by bringing character and warmth to your interior.


Whether it’s practical or decorative blinds you are in need of, we are here to help you with any decision making, colour and fabric picking. We offer a broad range of linen fabrics but we are also happy to work with your own. Our many years of experience allows us to adapt sewing techniques to all types of fabrics but there are some that are simply not suitable for blinds so please talk to us before making a fabric purchase elsewhere.



Once you choose your fabric it is important to carefully consider your lining options. They play a big role in the design by changing the structure, shape, visual look and purpose of your blinds. View our list of linings and their purpose below.


    If you want to create a relaxed, unstructured and light look for your decorative or daytime blinds, you may not want to use lining. You will have to remember that the folds will more likely drape forming so called scalloped bottom effect. This will very much depend on the fabric you pick.


    Cotton lining is a great option if you want to protect your fabric from any potential sun damage, add structure and shape to the blind while still allowing some natural light to pass through the fabric. The visual look will also depend on the fabric you choose but be sure to see a more uniform and refined look for your blinds.


    Blackout lining can often seem like a heavy and dark option however it is in fact white and does not differ much from the standard cotton lining in weight or texture. It is an ideal option for eliminating most of the outside light disturbing your night sleep or sharp sunlight. It also works as a thermal layer, helping to exclude any drafts.

Bespoke Roman Blind Price Quote

Please get in touch with the following information:

For Example:

Fabric: Siena Sage

Lining: Standard Cotton

Fitting: Inside Window Recess

Width: 120cm

Drop: 90cm

Chain Position: Right hand Side

Chain Type: Metal / plastic

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