Our Story

Small Business with Big Ambitions

We fell in love with Linen the very first time we had the opportunity to touch it. The incredible natural smell and raw but yet, very soft texture captured our hearts. There was an instant connection, a connection that we now want to share with you. Our love for nature turned into a strong desire to connect it with an everyday living. This is when AVLEN Linen Home Living was born. 

''Connecting Nature with everyday Living''

First we’ve started small, just a couple of home-ware accessories but then our creative minds started to run wild.  We have realised that most things surrounding us are made out of fabric and so we have started to create whatever we could using a selection of natural Linens. We then took the idea a step further and used linen as a substitute material for other products. Our biggest aim now, is to show the world that linen can be a beautiful, sustainable and super durable alternative material that not only respects the environment, but also leads to more conscious and healthier living.

With all that in mind we can now proudly say, that we are a Mother & Daughter, Kent based business with strong passion for beautiful natural products who value their customers and offer very personal experience. Experience where our clients can admire our ready-made products designed and handmade by us but can also work with us to produce bespoke products that will be unique to them. With a creative mind, the ideas are endless. 

'' We will use your vision and handcraft it into a beautiful one-off product. ''

Our excitement for natural products is reflected in our work which not only looks stylish but also serves a purpose. Contributing to making our planet a better place is very important and with our range of products like linen shopper bags, linen bread baskets and many more, you can be a part of it too! Each product is handmade to order and can take a little longer than any other big brand out there, however this way we are generating a lot less waste. 

We hope that your experience with us will become a beautiful story that will be shared among your family and friends.

'' Become part of our story… ''


Love Avlen x